Dressing Sesame Soy sauce

Sesame soysauce dressing is made with a great combination of sesame and soysauce, and has a mild sour taste.
This dressing complements salads, steamed dishes and vegetarian menus.

Net Weight



Water, Soysauce (22%), Soybean oil, Vinegar, Sesame (2%), Sugar, Sesame oil (1.5%), Flavor enhancers (621, 631, 627), Lime juice, Salt, Sesame flavor, Caramel color 150d, Thickener 415, Preservatives (202, 385), Sweetener 955.
*Product contains materials have allergenic ingredients: Wheats, Soybeans, Sesames. *Product does not contain animal-derived materials or onion, garlic and green onion.

Nutrition Facts (serving size 10g)

Energy 10.8 kcal
Protein 0.3 g
Fat 0.5 g
Carbohydrate 1.3 g